Every day. Every you. Amplified. At Sheikha Fatima Park, every moment is filled with as much as potential as you are. Visit many worlds within one space. Learn new skills and open a door to a new you. Find more than one way to a place of active wellness. It’s all yours to explore.


No ceilings. No walls. No limits. Ollie on a half-pipe or grind the skate bench. Feel like you’re on a roll? Skate or blade through the entire park. Hop on a cycle or find your balance in warrior I on the open lawn spaces. Go on your next adventure, on your stage of choice. And speaking of stages, there’s live music, too!


Where imagination runs free. A place for friendship, fitness and more, for the young AND the young at heart. From a splash pad, toddler zone and boulder play area to a multi-use sports area, as well as a designated zone for furry kind… there’s a lot on offer when it’s play o’clock.