Brand Story - DICE is a board game café located in the heart of Abu Dhabi. It will offer a wide range of boardgames that would entertain people of all ages. It will also serve a wide selection of food, beverages and snacks along with high end specialty coffee for its customers. This will be a great place for Abu Dhabi residents to unwind and enjoy a friendly game of old-fashioned Monopoly!

About the Owners – A group of 3 young men in their lats 20’s that possess a love for boardgames and food that wanted to share it with the rest of the Abu Dhabi residents. All born and raised in the capital, the owners thought that opening a board game cafe would be a necessary addition to the city’s attractions.

Dice Branches – This is the only Branch

Why SFP – One of the up-and-coming neighbourhoods in the hearts of the city minutes away from where the owners were raised.